DID/SRA Resources

Over the past couple decades, there has been an increase in the awareness and understanding of what was called Multiple Personality Disorder — today known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

DID is closely associated with Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) — the two often going hand-in-hand, thus referred to as DID/SRA.

DID/SRA has varying degrees — from those victims that have been “scientifically” and deliberately programmed with numerous parts (also known as identities/personalities), most often for use as military/government/occult agents — to those that have developed DID as a result of severe trauma and abuse in their childhood, most often at the hands of abusive parents — parents that didn’t really have an agenda/purpose in their abuse, but abused because they themselves were abused (generational wounding).

There are also varying degrees of dissociation. Those victims that have been severely programmed and/or traumatised usually have completely separate parts, and will not AT ALL know they are living in such dissociation … then there are those that are mildly dissociative, who are aware they have different parts.

In the early years as a counselling ministry, Kanaan Ministries came across those who were DID. At that time, there was very little information about DID or how to help these broken people. With a heart to help the hurting, Kanaan Ministries strived to learn more. As we learned, we put together as much material on DID as possible, in order to equip counsellors/therapists, and help the victims.

Kanaan Ministries continued to study in this field and keep up with the latest training/resources … and in 2012, Amanda was introduced to Doug Riggs and his ministry — finally finding the missing keys in really being able to help and restore those suffering with DID/SRA!!

Although people were being helped with the training/study materials Kanaan Ministries had put together, Amanda felt there was just something missing that could really bring complete healing/integration, with greater impact and efficiency, in LESS time (instead of being caught up in all the mazes, layers, parts, and confusion that comes with DID/SRA).

With his years of hands-on experience and GOD-granted wisdom, Amanda has found that Doug Riggs and his ministry has those missing pieces to complete the Kanaan training resources, and really give counsellors/therapists — and the victims themselves — the PRACTICAL tools and principles for the healing journey.

As with all of our materials, we believe in properly-laid FOUNDATIONS, upon which more understanding/training can be added — and properly/effectively used. As such, we encourage those wanting training in DID/SRA, to follow the recommended order. (Some of the resources can be freely downloaded, as well as ordered from the office — most however must be ordered from the office.)

NOTE!! We strongly recommend not only working through the manuals, but the DVD’s as well, as the DVD’s have so much more teaching and explanation from Amanda’s presentation of the material.

  1. Start with the J2F series — especially J2F8 and J2F9, where we introduce the foundational understandings of the brain, bonding, and DID/SRA.
  2. Follow-up with J2W, where in J2W3 we specifically addressed DID/SRA and childhood wounds.
  3. From here, work through our advanced training school — as well as our 5-DVD teaching series on DID/SRA.
  4. Be sure to get our two prayer books (Book 1 and Book 2) that deal specifically with DID/SRA.
  5. Work through the Doug Riggs’ manual, as well as the interviews and recordings of his SA seminars.
  6. Be sure to get our LATEST 2014 resources on DID/SRA — this really is KEY!!

Additional DID/SRA resources include:

We trust these materials WILL be a great help to all those working in this field — and especially the victims … that FULL healing, restoration, and integration may come, by the POWER and LOVE of our ABBA FATHER!!

10-Part Playlist:



DID:SRA Seminar

DID/SRA Seminar by Amanda Buys, Doug Riggs and Dr Frans Cronje, audio now available (MP3). Please order from the Kanaan office: kanaan@iafrica.com