Liza’s Story

Liza was born in Paarl, Western Cape, and married William Anthony in 1974.  They have two daughters and three grandchildren.

After school her first job was as a waitress, and later on she worked in an electric blanket factory.  In 1994, she was born-again and felt the call of God on her life to do something for the Lord.  The following year God called her into fulltime ministry.  She resigned her job and started visiting people – encouraging them, praying for the sick, and also visiting sick people in hospitals.

During 2000, a person came to their home cell meeting who had a criminal investigation case pending against him.  Nine months later, this person was convicted and sent to Malmesbury Correctional Services.  William and Liza supported him during this time and often visited him in prison.

One day as they were leaving the prison, she looked at the other prisoners and saw that they were actually amazing men.  She sensed the Lord speaking to her to start a ministry with these men.  She began with the one man that they supported from their home cell group together with another man.  This small group quickly grew as more and more men joined the group.

Liza uses a discipleship model where she starts by showing the Soul Care School DVD’s and then prays with each individual person after every session.  This is followed by one-on-one counseling, dealing with their personal issues, tattoos, deliverance, and so forth.

Many men have gone through the teaching material and received personal counseling.  The men have progressed to a stage where they are able to act as counsellors themselves to help other prisoners who are not necessary part of the course.  Their lives bear testimony to the completed work of our Messiah Y’shua [Jesus] in restoring their broken hearts and lives to such an extent that the wardens also asked for the Soul Care material.

In 2005, the first of the prisoners from Liza’s group were released from prison.  As a small measure of recognition, the Ministry hands out certificates to those who successfully complete the course.

Today, Liza teaches and trains three days per week.  She also leads certain Sunday services allocated to her according to the program worked out by Correctional Services.  Liza and William are now also involved at Brandvlei Maximum Prison where she has started the same ministry.

Every week she contacts the families of the men that she is ministering to so that she can give feedback to them of the progress of their loved ones.

Liza has had to face many obstacles as she walked in obedience to the call of God on her life.  In the beginning she had to make use of public transport to get to the prison – leaving at 5:30 AM and only getting back home at 5:00 PM.

She was encouraged to get her driver’s license and trust God to give her her own vehicle.  So, in faith, she got her license and her very own car.  She is currently driving her second vehicle – a Mercedes Benz!  The maintenance and insurance is covered by the donors of the vehicle.

Liza and William give all the praise and glory to the LORD!  They feel truly blessed to be able to minister in this way, to the “captives”, and rejoice in the LORD’s work.  They thank everyone who has helped and contributed to this ministry … it is much appreciated!

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