“Embark on your Journey-2-Freedom and discover the transformative path to reclaiming your heritage, conquering inner giants, and unlocking your generational-blessing legacy through a profound exploration of faith and deliverance.”


Restoration of the bride

We want to welcome you to the website! Roly and Amanda Buys founded Kanaan Ministries with one desire: restoration … the restoration of the Bride of Messiah, and equipping the saints with the tools needed to walk in victory and blessing.

This restoration takes place in all three areas of man: spirit, soul, and body. You will find our resources cover many different aspects and subjects, but they always come down to our foundation: restoration. To learn more about us, please browse through the various sections and the links below.

We bless you in your walk with the LORD … may He reveal to you His Ways! Shalom!

Please note:

Kanaan Ministries is not a church and/or congregation … we are a para-church ministry working alongside and into churches/small groups. We feel called to focus on equipping and teaching believers through DVDs and/or manuals … as such, we are not able to focus on all areas of ministry.

Free Kanaan Ministry Resources

This is our most popular section of the website.  Here you will find all our books, manuals, and articles available as free PDF downloads.  The downloads have been categorized into several main sections.  Click on whichever area you are interested in … and download away!  LEARN MORE

Kanaan Ministry Cources

We have several courses available. These courses focus on deliverance, spiritual roots, generational curses, inner healing, and walking in victory. The courses are available as manuals, DVDs, and CDs, and have been designed to be studied at home, at one’s own pace, or in a group. LEARN MORE

Kanaan Ministry Events

Roly and Amanda present teachings, seminars, workshops, and conferences throughout South Africa, as well as Europe.  If you’d like to keep up with where they are next, this is the spot for you.  The most recent upcoming events are listed below.  If you would like to view our entire calendar, click “view all”. SEE CALENDAR

Just like Israel, Who were saved and redeemed OUT of Egypt, a land of paganism and slavery … so we as believers still have a JOURNEY of faith in order to enter the promised land of inheritance and intimacy with our Father and Bridegroom – to remove and clean out all that remains of Egypt and it’s pagan systems.

Counsellors Network

Kanaan Counselor Network

Foundation Nation Restoration

Foundation Nation Restoration

Prison Ministry

Kanaan Prison Ministry