Prayers of Renunciation: Satanism


The three sets of guidelines/philosophies, the Nine Satanic Statements, the Nine Satanic Sins, the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth

The Satanic Churches and leaders, Affiliation, ranking, powers and soul ties

Names of Satan

Literature and Writings

Tools, Altars, altar objects and magick circles, signs and symbols,
clothing and jewelry, pins, crystals, tattoo's and markings

Rituals, Ceremonial Magick: Operative, Ritual or High Magick,
Practical Magick: Illustrative, Initiatory, Folk, Natural, Low or Sex magick, Curses, spells and hexes, Summoning Demons, spirits and Elementals, Occult Sciences: Divination, Meditation, Sorcery
Symbols: Third Eye, Hexagram, Pentagram, Triangle, Ritual Ceremonies and acts

Festivals, high days, sacred days & holidays

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