Preparing, Expecting and Welcoming our Next Generation

Following is a husband's testimony of working through "Preparing, Expecting, Welcoming Our Next Generation" ...

We have had a wonderful pregnancy!!! We worked through the baby prayer book with all the renunciations, blessings, and petitions. Very often, I spoke the priestly blessing over my wife and child-in-the-womb ... as well as LIFE and SHALOM (peace). My wife had no morning sickness, no vomiting, no dizziness, and no pain the whole time. We even forgot some times that we were pregnant. This is AWESOME!! And must be GOD, because my wife comes from a bloodline where miscarriage, sickness, and death are normal. Her Mom and sister had miscarriages, child death, and very bad pregnancies. They all wonder why my wife is so different ... but we know!! GOD told us also to change our food lifestyle. He showed us what to eat and drink. He showed us also HIS Pharmakiea from nature and nutrition, and we see the results, while we bless other people with that. Thank you!!

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We STRONGLY encourage couples who are preparing for a family, or are expecting, to work through the baby prayer book IN-CONJUNCTION with our J2F series, which gives the background and understanding of how the spiritual realm works, dealing with spiritual warfare, deliverance, and generational curses ... as well as the blessings/curses of fatherhood and motherhood, and the VITAL role of bonding/development in the early years of infancy/childhood.

Ideally, our recommendation is that a couple/family do all the praying BEFORE falling pregnant ... however, this can be done during pregnancy, with this CAUTION!! Do NOT do any HEAVY occultic deliverance while pregnant ... you NEVER take a baby to WAR! Make very sure to cut-off any backlash, whiplash, revenge and retribution, or judgement from satan's kingdom for breaking generational curses. Remember to also PLANT the Word and blessings upon each member of the family.

We PRAISE the FATHER for HIS Work!! And bless you and your family with SHALOM, life, JOY, and FRUITFULNESS!!