Acts Advanced Counsellor Training School

Proverbs 15:22 “Without consultation and wise advice, plans are frustrated, But with many counsellors they are established and succeed.”

We are VERY excited to announce our ENHANCEMENTS to the REVISED Training Program for Prayer Counsellors based upon the FOUNDATIONS of the Journey2Freedom AND Journey2Wholeness series!

It consists of THREE manuals and 23 DVD’s.

VERY IMPORTANT! You will NEED to work through the J2F and J2W materials first BEFORE doing this course, otherwise you will not have the basic understanding and concepts addressed in ACTS.

As Kanaan Ministries continues to learn MORE, we again are realizing the IMPORTANCE of TRAINING and EQUIPPING prayer ministers to help in the Harvest Fields of the Kingdom of our God and King.

So many people work through the J2F and J2W materials – many do have amazing breakthroughs and deliverance just by hearing the TRUTH – but there are those who need a “COACH” to help them pray through the different areas that have been identified through the teachings they have worked through – and so this course is to EQUIP those who feel that they are CALLED by ABBA Father to heal the broken hearted, set the captives free, and open the eyes of the blind – to be part of fulfilling the Great Commission.

This training course focuses on giving the prayer counsellor practical how to’s in order do a bloodline prayer, as well as how to pray for someone with trauma.

Many a time prayer counsellors get trained, but still do not know how to apply it practically, that is why this series will teach the prayer counsellor hands on how to pray with a client.

Being equipped is your way of pushing back the kingdom of darkness. The days are evil, and unequipped or ill-equipped members of the Body of Messiah will be susceptible to Satan’s schemes and false doctrine.

The intent of this training is not to provide a dissertation on the pro’s and con’s of professional counselling. Nor is the objective to provide in-depth coverage of clinical counselling or abnormal psychology1. The intent is to help leaders and workers in the Body of Messiah to more effectively counsel in the normal course of ministry. This training is for the pastoral, lay, or peer counsellor.

Topics covered include:

Second heaven and counterfeit manifestations,
Latest technology, techniques, and programming on mind-control,
Energy weapons,
A LOT of practical HOW-TO on specific cases, and how the army of the LORD should work in a deliverance setting — including a practical demonstration on how to do deliverance,

We’ll also be covering an excellent understanding on the New World Order and how they have tried to fulfill satan’s instructions to bring back Nimrod and restore Babylon to its former glory — this will answer the questions of “WHY mind-control?” and “WHAT is the Luciferian/Global Elite’s AGENDA?”

We are also EXCITED to have two guest speakers:

Dr. Frans J. Cronje, MBChB(UP), MSc; Baromedical Facility, University of Stellenbosch.
Prof. James Roelofse, MB ChB M, Med (Anaes), PhD (Anaes); University of the Western Cape, Cape Town; University of Stellenbosch.

Dr. Cronje will be presenting a session on understanding what the Word says about Near-Death-Experiences and how important this is for the counsellor to know when doing deliverance — especially with regard to bloodline/generational curses.

Some questions he would like you to think about:

Do ghosts exist?
Have you had a personal encounter with an entity you considered being a ghost?
Has someone in your immediate family had such an encounter?
What do you think ghosts are?
Are ghosts and demons the same thing?
Do we have authority over ghosts?
Are ghosts able to oppress people? Are they able to possess people?

A very difficult subject many prayer counsellors bump into, but is rarely discussed, is also addressed in this series. The topic whether Christian prayer counsellors work with medical science, and where do drugs play a role- which is discussed by Prof. James Roelofse.

Prof. Roelofse will be presenting a session on “The Counsellor and Chronic Medication for Depressive Disease States”.

This lecture will help you to understand the role of medicine in the depressed patient. We will cover the biological causes of depression, as well as the role of neurotransmitters and neurons. How do neurotransmitters contribute to our feeling of well being, or for that matter mood changes? Depression has been linked to problems or imbalances in the brain with regard to the neurotransmitters (about 30 identified): serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine. Recently another neurotransmitter (glutamate) has been implicated in depression.

We will discuss the symptoms of depression and bipolar disease. How do we diagnose or suspect that a patient is suffering from depression? Are there any drugs or any other options available that offer hope, and how do they work? Do they cure patients? Are there any new developments as far as treatment of depression is concerned? We will cover drugs that we as practitioners use for medical reasons, but they are currently used for non-medical reasons e.g. as recreational drugs or drugs of abuse.

It is imperative that prayer counsellors know what the difference is between demons and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), as well as the difference between SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and RA (Ritual Abuse).

One cannot be prayer counsellors if one does not understand these differences, otherwise the prayer counsellor will become a “perpetrator” and cause more harm to the client that is seeking counselling.

We trust these new resources will be a BLESSING!

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