Advanced Counsellor Training School

Building upon the foundation of J2F/J2W…

For those wanting more study and/or training, especially in regards to counselling and practical ministry, we encourage you to work through our NEW “Advanced Counsellor Training School” (ACTS) series. In March 2015, we updated and re-recorded the old SCAT DVD’s/manuals, added so much MORE, and put together the ACTS series. This series is designed to be done after working through our foundational series’:

  • Journey2Freedom
  • Journey2Wholeness

The ACTS series deals with the topics of deliverance and breaking generational curses, as well as emotional healing, in much greater depth — with the focus on practical application of J2F/J2W and the training of counsellors. ACTS gives practical training on counselling and deliverance, and the various issues/hindrances that may come up, as well as how to handle various ministry situations/specific cases. A live counselling session is also included on the DVD’s as part of the training. ACTS also discusses DID/SRA/Mind Control in much greater detail, as well as practical basic counselling in this area.

After having worked through J2F/J2W — for those with a heart to be trained and help others as a counsellor — this is the series for you!!

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