Kanaan Ministries started many years ago with our “Soul Care School” courses one and two, which were the basis and foundation of much of our later material. We have seen the need to update this material, add to it, and create an “all-in-one” foundational course dealing with deliverance, generational curses, and emotional healing. And so, we are very excited to announce our NEW series, Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom)!

Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom)

Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) is the foundation – the place to start working through our resources and courses. Foundations are so important! Without the proper start, the “building” of our lives (and our families) can end up lopsided, unsafe, and unstable. We need to inspect our current foundations – the “stones” our forefathers, our parents, and we have lain in this building process. For most of us, our foundations have been skewed by dysfunctional role models, occult roots, paganism, and many other bondages. We need to get down to the ROOT causes of those bondages and strongholds – the “giants” of the land keeping us from the FULLNESS GOD has for us in our walk with Him, and which keep us (and our families) from possessing our land of inheritance in Messiah Yeshua! (Please note, in the Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) series and website, we will use Jesus’ Hebrew name, Yeshua. We use His Hebrew Name, as that was the Name He was given – Y’shua means salvation. We have NO problem with the Name Jesus – most of us were saved in the Name of Jesus. However, as we have discovered His original/given Name, we desire to use this.)

You see, coming to faith in Messiah Yeshua [Jesus] is only the BEGINNING! Just like Israel, Who were saved and redeemed OUT of Egypt, a land of paganism and slavery … so we as believers still have a JOURNEY of faith to enter the promised land of inheritance and intimacy with our Father and Bridegroom – to remove and clean out all that remains of Egypt, and it’s pagan systems.

In this series, we will be covering in detail how to WALK this journey and how to possess the LAND GOD has given each one of us to reach our FULL potential in and for Him, not just for ourselves now, but for our future generations … to leave behind a generational-blessing legacy.

We begin this journey by understanding our spiritman and the UNIQUE gifts GOD has planted within us. The next stop is understanding the important role fathers and mothers play in our walk to MATURITY and becoming a son/daughter of our Father.

Then it is off to BATTLE the giants that keep us in BONDAGE! There are many … we will be covering generational curses, bloodline issues, fertility cults, paganism, un-Godly covenants, deliverance, spiritual warfare, and how to walk in the FREEDOM Messiah has purchased for us!

In this course, we will also explain the importance of coming to WHOLENESS to deal with inner and emotional wounds. Deliverance is only one side of the coin. Dealing with spirit and soul pain is the other side. You have to have both to be WHOLE.

This is the Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) … not just being saved out of the world, the kingdom of darkness (“Egypt”), and struggling along in our walk of faith. But, like the people of Israel so many centuries ago, we need to learn the lessons of the wilderness, learn to walk in GOD’s Ways according to His Word (the foundation is the Torah, which means “instructions”), and be equipped in our warfare to ENTER and POSSESS the Land – to conquer the “giants” and strongholds keeping us from FREEDOM and fullness in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

We have been promised the VICTORY through Y’shua [Jesus]!

Most importantly, on this journey, we will be drawing CLOSER to our Father, coming to know Him in deeper intimacy, walking in His Ways of Righteousness … and then being a LIGHT to this dark world!

Are you ready?

The Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) series comprises 140 DVDs and 9 manuals. The course is designed to be studied at home, at your own pace … or you are welcome to organize a study group in your area to work through the series together – this often helps to spread the costs.

In conjugation with the Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) DVDs and manuals, we recommend that you use our Prayers of Renunciation. The prayers are grouped into several broad categories and can be downloaded from the website or ordered from the office. The prayers are practical aids to help you renounce the occult roots in your life – those doorways that may have been opened – and a guide in repentance to facilitate your walk in VICTORY.

Click on the links below to download Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) manuals for FREE:


NEW Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) Book 8 and Book 9 … these books are not a free download. Click to buy.

The “flow” of “Journey2Freedom” is as follows:

The first three manuals – Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 – are the same ones previously used for the “Healing Our Wounded Hearts” series.  Book 4 deals with water baptism (mikvah) and baptism of the Holy Spirit.  This is a completely new book.

The next three books (five to seven) include the material from the old SCS course manual. BUT! PLEASE NOTE: There is, however, much, much more information added, and every principle is proved with Hebraic understanding.  “Book 5: Spying Out The Land” covers the old SCS course one manual, lessons one to seven, plus much more detail.  “Book 6: Dealing With The Giants” covers the old SCS course one manual, lesson eight material – in this manual, we have added so much more to the understanding of the occult. We make an in-depth study of the THREE roots of iniquity and have added so many prayers to be prayed through after each root.  “Book 7: Uprooting Generational Heart-Attitudes And Roots” covers the old SCS course one manual, lessons nine to sixteen – again with so much new added information and prayers.

Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) books 8 and 9 are all NEW material. For an OVERVIEW of these two books, CLICK HERE.

A follow-up on Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) Book 3: Blessings and Curses on Motherhood is Preparing, Expecting and Welcoming Your Next Generation

The Videos can all be accessed through our monthly subscriptions. See below.

  • Book 1: Man’s Purpose.
  • Book 2: Generational Blessings.
  • Book 3: Blessings Curses Motherhood.
  • Book 4: Water/Spirit Baptism.
  • Book 5: Spying Out The Land.
  • Book 6: Dealing With The Giants And Strongholds.
  • Book 7: Uprooting Generational Heart-Attitudes And Roots.
  • Book 8: Childhood Pain, The Brain, And Arrested Development.
  • Book 9: Mother Bonds, Deception, And The False Prophetic

Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) DVD1 is free to download. Subscribe to our FREE plan below.

Please note — we strongly recommend working through the Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) series in order. Each manual/Video builds upon the previous, first laying the foundations of:

  • Understanding our spirit man and gifts, as well as building up our spirit,
  • Understanding the vital role of the father — father building in BLESSINGS and taking up his authority/role as head of the household,
  • Understanding the role of the mother in nurturing and bonding, as well as the curses that can come from un-Godly mothers,
  • Being equipped with baptism (both water and Spirit),
  • Understanding spiritual warfare and the Armour of GOD,

… BEFORE dealing with the giants (manual six).

We also want to strongly recommend those wanting to work through Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) to subscribe to the Videos. The manuals are just the framework for the series, whereas the DVDs are the real “meat,” with Amanda teaching/expounding the material, using real-life examples, slides, and diagrams.

In Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom), we have tried to cover ALL aspects of restoration in individuals and families. We have set the series to ensure a proper foundation before dealing with personal deliverance and/or generational curses. In our experience, we have found that those who “jump” first to deal with generational curses without having the family foundations in place have great difficulty in maintaining their deliverance.

Is Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) the same as “Soul Care School”?

No … over the past years since recording the “Soul Care School,” we have learned how important it is to first start with the spirit (building up the spirit and creating capacity) and understanding the role of the father/mother in the family BEFORE even dealing with the area of the soul (inner healing, deliverance, and generational curses).

If I’m a counselor or have already done some courses in deliverance/general curses, do I still have to work through J2F?

Yes … please note the information above. Again, even if you are a counselor or have some training, we recommend working through the entire Journey to Freedom (Journey2Freedom) series to ensure all aspects of restoration/deliverance have been covered and dealt with.


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