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DID/SRA Advanced Training 2014

Since a renowned DID/SRA counsellor came to South Africa in 2012, Amanda has continued to learn from him and his way of DID/SRA ministry — even spending time with him and his team for more training. This advanced training series is based on what Amanda has learnt since 2012 — principles and ministry training that has opened up so much more understanding, saved so much time in counselling, and has brought greater WHOLENESS to those struggling with DID/SRA.

This DVD series focuses on the PRACTICAL application (the “HOW TO”) by looking at how to apply his foundational ministry PRINCIPLES, because as we know, each person is unique and has their own history.

Some of the topics covered in the DVD’s include:

  • The importance of bonding, and how trauma bonding is used in DID/SRA programming (with a word on Dr. John Bowlby).
  • Understanding emotional pain and time curses.
  • Quick review of foundational understanding of DID/SRA — with the difference between the mind vs. the brain, and understanding the spirit and Image of GOD.
  • In-depth teaching on understanding what is Neshamah and Core — and their role in counselling.
  • What is the “Sheath” and it’s role in counselling.
  • What are the three foundational events in DID/SRA, and how these are used for programming.
  • Understanding New-Birth-Identity in programming/DID/SRA.
  • Looking at core shields, the primary identity splits, and the steps to making of a slave.
  • Understanding the “coming of age thirteen year old” and how he/she is involved in integration.
  • Looking at structures and constructs, including examples, such as spider constructs.
  • Sharing from experience some ministry tips.
  • Understanding the Hegelian Dialectic principle for all layers/parts.
  • Sex slave/Queen of Heaven programming.
  • Working through a specific case study and ministry time, for practical hands-on principles and application.
  • Looking at the second heaven, satan’s throne, and understanding the bloodlines.
  • Information on nephilim and fallen angels, and their role in programming.
  • Steps to healing, restoration, and integration.

To fully benefit from the DID/SRA Advanced Training 2014, we do strongly recommend you have worked through our previous DID/SRA materials and our J2F8 and J2F9 modules.

The manual for this series includes several prayers, as well as diagnostic tests and questionnaires for use by counsellors/therapists.

The materials are a MUST for counsellors/therapists in the field of DID/SRA — and will be a great help to survivors as well!

We trust the practical principles and TOOLS discussed in this series will HELP both counsellors/therapists and survivors — and bring greater RESTORATION and HEALING!!

MANY blessings!!
Kanaan Ministries

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