SCS Course 3 …

After having completed the first two courses of Soul Care – and dealing with your own deliverance and inner healing – this next course begins to explain the practical application of Soul Care and focus on training up counselors.

Below is the list of subjects covered in course three of the Soul Care School:

  • Deliverance,
  • Guideline principles,
  • Discernment in deliverance,
  • Expelling demons,
  • Practical suggestions for the deliverance ministry,
  • Prenatal wounds and sin,
  • Deliverance for children,
  • The slumbering spiritman,
  • The captive spirit,
  • Parental inversion and substitute mate,
  • Sexual abuse,
  • Deliverance from homosexuality,
  • Addictions,
  • Depression,
  • Attachments and transferences,
  • Spiritual adultery and empathetic defilement,
  • Counseling,
  • Practical suggestions for specific cases,
  • Steps to freedom from past wounds and sinful living.