A follow-up to J2F and J2W

Growing Up In Jesus Name is the follow-up course to both our Journey2Freedom and Journey2Wholeness. As with everything in life, all growth begins with a seed. Our walk of faith and victory is just that … a walk, a journey. It’s a process of growing from glory unto glory into the Image of our Messiah. A process of restoration.

Now that you have worked through the foundations and gotten on the right road, you need to understand the bigger picture, and how to grow up as a disciple of the LORD. In Growing Up In Jesus Name, we share some of the lessons we have learnt, as well as the principles in how to now walk in the Ways of the LORD. These are the Ways that bring blessing and shalom (peace)! It is on this journey that we come to know our Father, and grow up unto maturity in His Family.

Below is the list of subjects covered in Growing Up In Jesus Name:

  • The bigger picture behind all healing,
  • Elementary principles,
  • Putting grace and truth together,
  • How did Messiah grow?
  • Discipline and self-control,
  • The power of acceptance,
  • The source of guilt,
  • The role of suffering and grief,
  • Spiritual poverty,
  • The nature of obedience,
  • And the role of the church in God’s Family.