Journey2Freedom Book 3

“Blessings And Curses On Motherhood”

Below is the list of subjects covered in part three of Journey2Freedom:

  • A motherless generation,
  • Godly attributes of a mother,
  • Generational memories,
  • Nurturing,
  • Destruction of the woman’s role,
  • Result of abuse,
  • Motherhood,
  • Coming to healing,
  • Breaking the curses of infertility,
  • The wounded Bride.

Please note … although we cover this book in the Journey2Freedom series, it is only a highlighted summary.  The FULL teaching can be obtained on DVD’s 8-11 of the Healing Our Wounded Hearts series.  Please contact the office via email for more information.

Preparing, Expecting, And Welcoming Our Next Generation is an additional resource to this book.