Journey2Freedom Books 8 And 9

Journey2Freedom Modules 8 And 9

We are VERY excited to announce our NEW additions to the J2F series!

We have received SUCH positive feedback on these new materials, we believe they are FOUNDATIONAL to dealing with the all-important “other side of the coin”, INNER HEALING and growing in MATURITY!

J2F8 and J2F9 are for EVERYONE, especially parents … NO ONE had a perfect family … we are ALL hurt in some way, and therefore NEED to address the pain/lies of our childhood!

Have you worked through DELIVERANCE, spiritual warfare, and breaking generational CURSES, and have found some VICTORY …
BUT feel there is something MISSING?!

Maybe you’re dealing with REJECTION, hurt, or ADDICTIVE behaviors … and if you’re honest with yourself, find yourself IMMATURE and still acting very much like a CHILD …

“Why is LIFE so PAINFUL?!”
“Why are RELATIONSHIPS so broken?!”
“Why can’t I seem to MATURE and walk in WHOLENESS?!”

You NEED to work through the J2F8 and J2F9 materials!

As Kanaan Ministries continues to learn MORE, we again and again are realizing the IMPORTANCE of bonding and building JOY-capacity in childhood, and just how ESSENTIAL it is to address childhood pain on the journey to freedom and RESTORATION …

When we are emotional bruised and hurt in childhood, and these wounds are NOT dealt with … we will be ARRESTED in our development, unable to MATURE as GOD designed … to love and grow within family and community.

Have you realized ALL pain is RELATIONAL?

WHY?! We were created for RELATIONSHIP and FELLOWSHIP, right from the Beginning, when GOD walked with Adam in the Garden, in the cool of the day …

Within each and everyone of us is the DESIRE and NEED for family, fellowship, and COMMUNITY …

So what’s WRONG?!

When I’m hurt in childhood – either through rejection, abuse (sexual, emotional, physical), and/or trauma – I loose trust and become a SURVIVOR …

“I can’t trust ANYONE!”
“If I don’t look out for MYSELF, who else will?!”
“I’m not going to let ANYONE hurt me like that again!”

And so we waver between desperately wanting LOVE and fellowship (co-dependency), and putting up walls around us (isolation).

NOT healing the wounds of childhood perpetuates the destructive family CYCLES of brokenness and hurt, from generation to generation … unable to cope with life, we turn to B.E.E.P.S. – Behaviors, Events, Experiences, People, and Substances – anything that brings comfort or “escape” from the pain …

In J2F8, you’ll learn the development stages of childhood, and how our brains are literally wired through BONDING … this is so important for PARENTS!

You’ll also learn about the lies/pain of childhood, and how we carry this BAGGAGE into adulthood, which keeps us in ARRESTED development …

J2F9 is the follow-on from J2F8, and discusses more specifically MOTHER-bonds, and how, if our mother-bonds were weak or unhealthy/un-Godly, we will be open to abuse and DECEPTION, particularly in the FALSE prophetic

As with the entire J2F series, J2F8 and J2F9 deal with addressing the ROOT issues … this is the only way for true/complete RESTORATION!

Y’shua (Jesus) said He came to put an AXE to the ROOT – if you only look at dealing with the FRUIT (drugs, depression, eating disorders, anger, and so forth) and not the roots that PRODUCE the fruit, you will not walk in lasting victory and wholeness …

Y’shua (Jesus) came to heal the BROKEN hearted!

In J2F8 and J2F9 you’ll learn to address the ROOTS of pain, hurt, and lies in your childhood – and what the building blocks are to grow to MATURITY – and the steps in the HEALING journey …

Armed with these TOOLS, you can start to pray that these missing building blocks (of Godly bonding, building joy-capacity, family/community, and mentorship) be put back into place, that you can walk in greater intimacy with GOD the Father, and others! That you can MATURE and walk in WHOLENESS!

Please NOTE! As the J2F Books 8 and 9 include information/material from other ministries – and are copyrighted – these manuals are available on the website to buy.

We trust these new resources will be a BLESSING!