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Specific Prayers

  • Breaking the Curse of Alcoholism –
  • PETITION: Cleansing & Protection of the Home AND Sleep –
  • PETITION: for FUTURE Husband and MARRIAGE –
  • PETITION: to break UNGODLY ties with people being used by the enemy –
  • Prayer to realign with GOD’s Times and Seasons – We need to understand as the Body of Messiah, that GOD has a central principle from which every arena of our lives operates, whether individually or corporately. It’s called “time” … Within the context of time, lives can move forward with GOD or be hindered; nations can advance spiritually or regress. It all depends upon our understanding and cooperation with the timings of GOD. As soon as you are born again, the sensitivity to the timings of GOD should be activated in your life. Every moment from that point onward is meant to be lived according to the Will of the Father. Earth time usually means “rush”. Fast food, rush hour traffic, instant this, instant that. To the world, time is an enemy. The only place that time becomes your friend is in the Spirit realm.
  • PRAYER: breaking unGODLY Spirit & Soul Ties –
  • SUMMER / WINTER Solstice 21 June 2018 – We are at the gateway of the solstice – SUMMER in the Northern hemisphere and WINTER in the Southern hemisphere (e.g., South Africa, Australia, etc.).
  • The Heavenly Court Room prayers – THE BOOKS OF HEAVEN If we really want to get results from the courts of Heaven, we need to know how to operate within these courts. Lawyers go to school for years to learn how to operate within our judicial systems. They learn to speak the language of the courts. Just as they must know how to address the court, present cases and briefs, so we too must learn how to present things before Heaven’s court. One of the greatest mysteries to this process is to gain an understanding of the books or scrolls that are in Heaven. Daniel 7:10 tells us that there are books or scrolls in Heaven that must be opened before the court of Heaven goes into session. Once the courts of Heaven are seated, then the books are opened and the court come into session. Daniel 7:10 “A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him. A thousand thousands ministered to Him; Ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him. The court was seated, and the books were opened. From this Scripture, we can clearly see that an understanding of ‘the books’ is foundational to court activity that allows God’s Kingdom purposes to be done. But what are these books and what is written in them?