Weekly Scripture Reading Cycle 5778/2017-18 (26) »

  1. Biblical Foundations: Week 1 - B'reisheet - Parashah | בראשית | "In the beginning"
  2. Biblical Foundations: Week 3 - Lech Lecha - Parashah לך ל | “get yourself out”
  3. Biblical Foundations: Week 4 - Vayeira - Parashah הוא הופיע| Get yourself out CLARIFYING THE PURPOSE OF THIS CYCLE’S TORAH PORTION: We are studying the topic of servant-leadership in this Torah Cycle While we spend a great deal if time studying the WORD, I note that the practical implementation is often missing. We are called to live set-apart lives. Not by how we talk or dress or study, but by the way that we lived out these principles in the community. We should touch the lives of all - the alien, the widow, the fellow believer and so forth, by our actions of loving our neighbour Each week we start off with the benchmark of what I feel servant-leadership entails (Please note: I REPEAT the first + 12 pages) and then go on to analyse a particular Biblical character to see “how” they applied these principles and values.
  4. Biblical Foundations: Week 2 - Noach - Parashah | נח | "Noah"

New Moon 2018 (7) »

  1. First New Moon 2018 -
  2. Third New Moon 2018 & PURIM - Further to our 2018 2nd New Moon report, we do as promised earlier, bring our balance of information to you as we now approach the 3rd Full moon for 2018.
  3. Second New Moon 2018 -
  4. Third New Moon 2018 -

Important NEWS (1) »

  1. Kanaan ADMIN Office & Shop move - As from Thursday 1 March 2018, our new address: 86 Reyger Street Bothasig 7441 NEW PHONE NUMBER: 060 825 5780 OFFICE HOURS: Office hours: 9 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday

GOD\’s Feasts (2) »

  1. PURIM 2018 - It’s that time of the year when we celebrate fact that we serve a GOD who continues to provide deliverance to His people by way of miracles. While we stand still at the story of Esther and consider how the Glory of GOD shines through the darkest of clouds and the deepest of crisis that we may face, we should note that this pattern is repeated time and time again.
  2. Passover (Pesach) 2018 - It is the annual cycle of YHVH’s Feasts. YHVH tells us that there is a time-table that we should be aware of. The celebration of this Feast (in other words, the way that we respond and react to YHVH’s Will, and the degree to which we reveal His Attributes and Glory), will determine how we have defined YHVH’s SPACE. The exact date and time define YHVH’s concept of TIME.

Journey2Freedom (40) »

  1. J2F Book 2 - Generational Blessings
  2. J2F Book 6 Part 11 - Walking in loving obedience with JOY, and additional resources.
  3. J2F Book 6 Part 2 - The origin of iniquity and fertility cults.
  4. J2F Book 6 Part 3 - Understanding generational and personal curses.

Journey2Wholeness (3) »

  1. J2W1 Breaking The Curse Of Illegitimacy And Shame - J2W Book 1 Topics Covered: Illegitimacy, Shame.
  2. J2W2 Emotional Pain And Building Healthy Relationships - J2W Book 2 Topics Covered: Our biological mind, Dating, courtship, sexuality, and GOD's Plan for marriage, Understanding rejection, The subconscious mind, Life commandments, Understanding anger, Articles and emotions and health, The Shroud of Turin.
  3. J2W3 Emotional Pain And Restoring Relationships - J2W Book 3 Topics Covered: Practical mind renewal, Forty-day prayers, Understanding trauma and dissociation, Dealing with forgiveness, Dealing with grief.

Petitions and Prayers (49) »

  1. Prayer of Renunciation for the OLD and NEW APOSTOLIC CHURCH -
  2. Steps To Spiritually Cleanse Your Home - For the complete teaching/study, please see our J2F Book 6.
  3. Prayers Of Renunciation For GERMANIC ROOTS - Prayers covering: Germanic roots, Nazism, Anti-Semitism, Buddhism, Anenherbe, Rosicrucinism, and Vril power, Masonic orders of Rose Croix and the Knights Templar, Order of the Garter, Doppelganger curse, Communism and Socialism, Oaths and allegiance to the flag, Germany and Islam, Fallen angels and nephilim, DNA and body memories, Celtic-druidic belief systems, GOD's Times and Seasons.
  4. Prayer Of Renunciation - General - Prayers covering tips for deliverance, sealing off prayer, performing arts and sports, delayed marriage related curses and covenants, personal and family curses, demonic covenants, breaking covenants over our names, healing of memories, spirit/soul-ties, territorial spirits, dangerous prayers, satanic altars and shrines, high places of your city/neighborhood, water spirit and marine altars, satanic agents of your city/neighborhood, satanic gates of your city/neighborhood, dismantling and redemption of physical properties.

DID/SRA (5) »

  2. Understanding The Role Of Neshamah In DID/SRA Counseling -
  3. Step-By-Step DID -
  4. DID/SRA Questionnaire - The following questions are about the client's roots. Roots are important ... we need to know where we've come from, to know where we're headed.

Marriage & Family (3) »

  1. Petition - Marriage - Petition for your Marriage
  2. 2. Gods Plan for a Healthy Family - Characteristics of a Family in trouble: Marriage has lost its sacredness – alternative forms are abdicated – feminist movements flourish. Parenting has become more difficult. Adultery is celebrated and not punished. (94% of all sex depicted on TV is of two people outside of marriage.) Sexual perversion abounds including bestiality, but especially incest and homosexuality. We have a crisis in our churches and families! The number one medication is anti-depressants … children are killing each other, addicted to drugs and alcohol, committing suicide.
  3. 1. Leadership Training starts in the Family - We live in a world where the norms and standards of yesteryear have been discarded. Not everything that comes from the past is great, but the transition from one generation to the next, due to the lack of Biblical foundations in a COMMUNITY, cause the following generation to accept a lowering of standards.

Sports (1) »

  1. 3. Can the Body of Messiah use Sport to Transform Nations - We are called to be set-apart … This does not mean that we should withdraw from the community, but rather that we should live in the community revealing a different set of value and principles—and in so doing, reflecting God’s GLORY.

Specific Prayers (3) »

  1. The Heavenly Court Room prayers - THE BOOKS OF HEAVEN If we really want to get results from the courts of Heaven, we need to know how to operate within these courts. Lawyers go to school for years to learn how to operate within our judicial systems. They learn to speak the language of the courts. Just as they must know how to address the court, present cases and briefs, so we too must learn how to present things before Heaven's court. One of the greatest mysteries to this process is to gain an understanding of the books or scrolls that are in Heaven. Daniel 7:10 tells us that there are books or scrolls in Heaven that must be opened before the court of Heaven goes into session. Once the courts of Heaven are seated, then the books are opened and the court come into session. Daniel 7:10 “A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him. A thousand thousands ministered to Him; Ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him. The court was seated, and the books were opened. From this Scripture, we can clearly see that an understanding of 'the books' is foundational to court activity that allows God's Kingdom purposes to be done. But what are these books and what is written in them?
  2. Prayer to Break unGODLY Spirit & Soul Ties -
  3. Prayer to realign with GOD's Times and Seasons - We need to understand as the Body of Messiah, that GOD has a central principle from which every arena of our lives operates, whether individually or corporately. It's called "time" ... Within the context of time, lives can move forward with GOD or be hindered; nations can advance spiritually or regress. It all depends upon our understanding and cooperation with the timings of GOD. As soon as you are born again, the sensitivity to the timings of GOD should be activated in your life. Every moment from that point onward is meant to be lived according to the Will of the Father. Earth time usually means "rush". Fast food, rush hour traffic, instant this, instant that. To the world, time is an enemy. The only place that time becomes your friend is in the Spirit realm.

Moon Watch (30) »

  1. Yom Teruah 2014 - Thoughts on the Feast of Trumpets ...
  2. March 2013 FULL MOON - This is an UPDATE to March's New Moon prayer/report ...
  3. Third New Moon 2016 -
  4. Seventh New Moon 2016 -

Research, Information, And Articles (94) »

  1. Vu-vu-zela -
  2. Dealing With The Roots Of ADD/ADHD - Including information on learning disabilities and autism ...
  3. Information On Trance Parties/Events -
  4. TODAY, As In The Days Of Noah? - A follow-up and extended article to "Kundalini And The Nephilim Deception", covering: Genesis 6 and the fallen angels, Transhumanism, The Singularity, And Biblical prophecy.

Foundation Nation (4) »

  1. Restoring The Foundation Nation - Restoring South African's Foundation Nation ...
  2. Redeeming Lands And Peoples - Includes sections on: Breaking generational curses over cities and their people, Restoring of First Peoples, Spiritual mapping, Transformational revival, Cleansing/redeeming of land, Intercession and prophetic acts (use of banners, altars, etc.)
  3. Foundation Nation - Womanhood And Sexuality - The following is a study on the roots and rituals of Foundation Nation sexuality and womanhood. We have posted this article, hoping to make people — and particularly those people of Foundation Nation ancestry — aware of this information, in order for these roots to be prayed through and redeemed.
  4. First Nation Restoration Prayers of Renunciation -

Restoring Our Biblical Foundations (203) »

  1. A Journey Of Seven Weeks To Mount Sinai -
  2. And The Desert Will Bloom - A study on how fathers are to tend and keep their "garden" (family), as well as looking at the spiritual aspects of the "fruit of the land".
  3. Fighting With Joshua For YOUR Promised Land - A study on the battles/warfare of Joshua and Israel in taking the Promised Land, and how there are lessons and parallels for us today. Included in this book is a study on the attacks against the redemptive gifts. This is a follow-on from "Man's Purpose And The Gifts Of The Spirit".
  4. Yom Teruah 2014 - Thoughts on the Feast of Trumpets ...

Relationships, Marriage, Family, and Inner Healing (35) »

  1. Dealing With Masturbation ... -
  2. And The Desert Will Bloom - A study on how fathers are to tend and keep their "garden" (family), as well as looking at the spiritual aspects of the "fruit of the land".
  3. A Living Stone Becomes Part Of The Bride Of Messiah -
  4. Communicating Love -

Resources for Men and Women (18) »

  1. Deborahs Song -
  2. Song Of Inheritance -
  3. And The Desert Will Bloom - A study on how fathers are to tend and keep their "garden" (family), as well as looking at the spiritual aspects of the "fruit of the land".
  4. Fighting With Joshua For YOUR Promised Land - A study on the battles/warfare of Joshua and Israel in taking the Promised Land, and how there are lessons and parallels for us today. Included in this book is a study on the attacks against the redemptive gifts. This is a follow-on from "Man's Purpose And The Gifts Of The Spirit".

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