Going back to Biblical Foundations

Our understanding of Scripture is based on the Principle that GOD is the same … yesterday, today, and forever. It is therefore true that the Covenant GOD cut with Abraham became the basis for our faith. The Scriptures proclaim in Jeremiah 31:31 that the New Covenant will be for the House of Israel and the House of Judah … and that through Messiah Y’shua, the Wild Olive has been grafted into the Natural Olive, Israel (Romans Chapters 9–11). It is therefore imperative that we recognize our roots, and drink of their life-giving sap.

The resources you will find browsing this section have a two-fold purpose. One, to dispel the myth of “replacement theology”, that the New Testament is not “grace”, and the “Law” is not legalism. Two, to teach and expound that Y’shua’s Teachings and Principles are based in the Torah and Old Testament, and that these Instructions and Commandments are still relevant today. Y’shua teaches that those who want to be great in the Kingdom of GOD must teach and do His Commandments.

Finally, our resources attempt to search out, understand, and practically apply the Torah, keeping the Feasts of the LORD, and GOD’s Cycles of Righteousness within the family, home, legacy, and purposes for our lives.

May GOD’s Redeemed People return to His Ways! May we hear His voice… and SH’MA (hear, obey, and do.)!