When an inmate is released out of prison, they need to be supplied with clothing, shoes, a bed, linen, and so forth, as well as a month’s supply of groceries and a small amount of money.

Liza and William try to give each released inmate a welcome-home party.  This also needs to be budgeted for.  Liza follows up on each released inmate on a regular basis … this costs phone calls and traveling to keep up the contact that is so crucial once the inmate is released.

Released inmates also need to be assisted in finding a job and we appeal to anyone who can help us in this area to please contact us.

Many inmates – who had received life sentences – were so transformed that the wardens requested court hearings for them and more than twenty have already been released back into the community, restored to their families, and who are now serving the Body of Messiah in tremendous victory and testimony to the completed work of the Cross and the Blood of the Lamb!

God has blessed Liza and William with wisdom, health, and strength in all areas of life to be able to persevere and to be used powerfully by God in the lives of so many broken people – to God be the Glory!

If you feel in any way led to contribute to the needs of the men who are being rehabilitated after serving their time … you can contact Liza directly to determine whether you can help her in any way.  Thank you!

Liza and William Anthony

+27 (0) 21 862 5337