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How to work through the courses of Kanaan Ministries…

It is essential that you work through our resources in the correct order. Each teaching and/or course serves a very specific purpose, and each course builds upon the previous in sequence. We would appreciate your cooperation in this regard … and it will make it much easier on you! If you only do part of the training, you will have selective knowledge and could draw incorrect conclusions, thereby forming invalid opinions of the Biblical principles we teach.

Conditions under which training material is made available…

We want to continue to be faithful to the God’s Calling for us to supply material regarding training individual believers and/or church leadership.

Due to the following factors, Kanaan Ministries indemnifies ourselves from any responsibility or liability resulting from the use of the material as each person utilizing the material must ensure that they have understood and complied with the following principles in their own right:

  • It is essential that all parties in a training session accept the Biblical Principle that Messiah Y’shua [Jesus] of Nazareth, the Son of God Who came in the flesh, is the only Way, the Truth, and the Life.
  • It is essential that the counselor and/or trainer is submitted to and under the covering of a local congregation, that the leadership acknowledge the gifts of such person, and subsequently have released the counselor to minister [please see Proverbs 18: 16].
  • It is essential that the leadership of that particular local congregation approve the material.
  • It is essential that every person evaluate the impact of our material in relation to his or her own background, experience, and unique value system.
  • It is essential that the church leadership determines the level of experience of each counselor and/or trainer, as this will impact on the effective use of the material.

Where to start…

Journey2Freedom. This is the place to start.  Journey2Freedom is the foundation to much of our material.  This series deals with deliverance, generational and personal curses, spiritual and occult roots, spiritual warfare, and similar topics. But to find out more … check out the link!

After completing Journey2Freedom, we would suggest for you to work through our series Journey2Wholeness. This course deals with the “other side of the coin” of deliverance and walking in victory … namely, dealing with our emotional wounds and inner healing. Find out more by clicking the link!

Both these courses – as well as those supplementary to these – can be done at home at one’s own pace … or in a group. For group study, we suggest for you to obtain a set of the DVD’s. These really delve into the “meat” of the material, with Amanda expounding the principles, using diagrams and illustrations, as well as personal testimonies for practical application.

We hope you are blessed by our material … and that you will grow nearer to God and hear His Voice!

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