We have several courses available. These courses focus on deliverance, spiritual roots, generational curses, inner healing, and walking in victory. The courses are available as manuals, DVD’s, and CD’s, and have been designed to be studied at home, at one’s own pace, or in a group. Our suggested foundational courses are listed below.

Here follows a testimony we received from someone who was working through the Prayers of Renunciation to cleanse her bloodline. Please take note of her remarks that praying these prayers is not a recipe or formula, but should be from the heart- in all sincerity.

The Prayers of Renunciation are available from our “Petitions and Prayers of Renunciation” section (https://kanaanministries.org/kanaan/downloads/?category=10), or can be purchased from our office (kanaan@iafrica.com):

“Also a praise concerning my deliverance from generational curses associated with my parents’ bloodlines! When I was listening to Amanda Buys’ teaching on this subject, she underscored the need to REALLY MEAN IT FROM THE HEART that you wanted to be delivered from the influence of these occultic bloodlines, and I had to seriously consider this admonition before I prayed the prayers of renunciation of all attachments, curses, and even “gifts” that might be associated with the family bloodlines…

I wanted to be truly, fully ready to give up any and all of what may be in my past, as well as in my ancestor’s pasts, that would give Satan a permission from God our Father Elohim to further be involved in my life, and so by the time I finished reading about Rosicrucianism and Spiritualism (this latter subject developed in G.H. Pember’s book entitled Earth’s Earliest Ages), I was so deeply repelled by what I learned that I was able to pray from the depths of my soul the prayers of renunciation, and I even elaborated with great fervor in my own words in order to personally reinforce how much I want to be “cut off” from all influences of Satan, and I have so felt the power of the Holy Spirit’s deliverance from these cursed bloodlines, both immediately and on-going in my life — I thank you for this!”