Kanaan Shop

NEW Tel : +27(0)60 825 5780

To purchase Kanaan resources WITHIN South Africa, please visit our NEW online shop at the following link:


Please NOTE, the e-shop was launched 8 April 2013. We trust all is in working order, though the project (with all the images and item descriptions) is still a work in progress.

For OVERSEAS or out-of-country orders, you are welcome to browse the e-shop in your respective currency … however, final invoices and payments will be done via email. We will send an invoice, including postage costs, as well as money-transfer fees. Payment for overseas or out-of-country orders must be made through the PayPal donation link (once you have received the final invoice).

Please note: unless you have a multi-zone DVD player, these DVD’s may not play on USA DVD players, but will play on a computer.

It is advisable to use VLC software (which can be downloaded for free) to watch the DVD’s on your computer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries …


If you would like to make a donation, you are welcome to use our PayPal account, as well as EFT or direct bank deposit.

We so appreciate your help!

Please NOTE our NEW banking details!

Account Name:
Amanda E. Buys (Kanaan Ministries)

Account Number:
623 013 823 55

Branch Code:

Type: FNB Private Facility Cheque Account

Please email payment confirmation to kanaan@iafrica.com

NEW Kanaan shop in PRETORIA, hosted by MLC Ministries!

MLC Ministries has revamped their bookstore, it’s even MORE beautiful than before!!