For additional study on understanding our Biblical Foundations and the Feasts of YHVH, we encourage you to check out the following websites.  Many of the websites – such as 119 Ministries and El Shaddai Ministries – have free audio/video teachings available to watch and/or download.  For an excellent introduction and foundational course, we encourage you to download the Hayesod audio series of El Shaddai Ministries. We also encourage you to check out the “New To Torah” series, available from Set Apart Ministries. The video teachings of 119 Ministries are another excellent resource for foundational studies on understanding our Biblical Foundations.

119 Ministries

Mark Biltz | El Shaddai Ministries

Brad Scott | Wild Branch Ministries

Tim Hegg | Torah Resource

Tim Bradford | Torah Class

Grant Luton | Beth Tikkun

John Parsons | Hebrew4Christians

Rico Cortes | Wisdom In Torah

Jim Staley | Passion For Truth Ministries

Barbara Klika | Set Apart Ministries

Tony Robinson | Restoration of Torah Ministries

Dwight A. Pryor | Judaic-Christian Studies

Eddie Chumney | Hebraic Heritage Ministries International