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“Journey2Freedom” is the foundation – the place to start in working through our resources and courses. Foundations are so important! Without the proper start, the “building” of our life (and that of our families) can end up lopsided, unsafe, and terribly unstable.

We need to inspect our current foundations – the “stones” our forefathers, our parents, and we ourselves have lain in this building process. For most of us, our foundations have been skewed by dysfunctional role-models, occult roots, paganism, and so many other bondages.


We need to get down to the ROOT causes of those bondages and strongholds – the “giants” of the land keeping us from the FULLNESS GOD has for us in our walk with Him, and which keep us (and our families) from possessing our land of inheritance in Messiah Y’shua! (Please note, in the J2F series and on the website, we will be using Jesus’ given Hebrew name, Y’shua. We use His Hebrew Name, as that was the Name He was given – Y’shua means salvation. We have NO problem with the Name Jesus – most of us were saved in the Name of Jesus. However, as we have discovered His original/given Name, we desire to use this.)
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