Foundation Nation Restoration

Restoration of South Africa’s Foundation Nation…

The Foundation Nation were severely impacted with the coming of the settlers, many dying from the scourge of smallpox introduced by the European ships that docked in Cape Town. Later the settler militias (commandos) literally hunted these people in what can only be described as wanton genocide.

History has shown that the Foundation Nation have been persecuted, exploited, and raped by every tribe of people who later came to stay.

Today intercessors, church leaders, and businessmen have come to an understanding that the Foundation Nation have a unique role to play in the spiritual destiny of South Africa.  As such, they have come to set up the Foundation Nation Restoration as a means of bringing restoration, empowerment, and healing to the Foundation Nation People.

The Foundation Nation Restoration Network:

A group of Foundation Nation pastors have, in conjunction with other spiritual leaders, embarked on a path of restoration. This entails not only repentance for their pagan belief system embraced by their forefathers, but the acceptance of their mandate of leadership in respect of spiritual matters in South Africa.

We are honored to have been asked to take part in this journey of restoration. Kanaan Ministries now serves on the Advisory Board of the Foundation Nation Restoration of South Africa.

If you would like to know more regarding the project, or would like to help in any way, please visit the FNR website:

Or download the FNR Brochure HERE.

Or contact:

Hilary-Jane Solomon
Tel: 071 720 3354

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