Roly And Amanda Buys

“The LORD has blessed Amanda Buys with revelation and insight to achieve this lifestyle of victory in Messiah through practical experience, coming face to face with the reasons for failure of victorious living, and through extensive and intensive research, the result of which is the Journey2Freedom and Journey2Wholeness series’, as well as our advanced training courses. She has just completed a very intensive course to train up counsellors in prayer counselling called ACTS – Advanced Counselling Training School.

Amanda’s story …

Amanda was born in Port Shepstone, Natal, into a family of five children, of which she was the fourth. Growing up in a dysfunctional and alcoholic home was not easy, but the LORD has used that childhood pain in her own life to bring healing and understanding to others … as well as restoration. All things work for the good! After completing high school, Amanda studied a B.Sc. degree at the University of Pretoria. She then worked full time as a teacher at a high school for the next three years. During that time, Amanda met and married Roly, and by GOD’s Grace they have now been married for more than forty years!

Roly and Amanda have three children and SEVEN grandchildren!

Roly and Amanda strongly believe that the family is called together as a unit in ministry. Strong family ties are emphasized with Godly Order in place. Although it is not always possible for Roly to travel with Amanda on her ministry trips – he still works fulltime for a private hospital group – he does as often his work allows. He is very serious of his calling as priest, prophet and king and does his best to make sure that Amanda and the whole family is covered at all times! GOD, by His grace, has trained Roly’s hands for war and his fingers to fight!  Soon he will be retired and then will be able to travel with Amanda on all her ministry trips.

Material and resources …

Amanda has been called into a teaching and prophetic ministry. Her main gifting has been to find ways to present GOD’s Father Heart to His children in the clearest way possible. Much of her material is now available on DVD and CD, as well as in the form of manuals and books.

Roly has also written books on the understanding of our Biblical Roots – understanding the Messianic perspective of the Feasts – and how to restore the family blessings, the important role of the fathers!

Ministry in South Africa …

Kanaan Ministries has been under the covering and mentorship of Pastors Edward and Dalene Gibbens of River of Life Church in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa, for more than 30 years.

Amanda ministers throughout South Africa – presenting seminars, workshops, and teachings on a variety of topics ranging from deliverance, inner healing, and intercession. Amanda also works together with the prayer leaders of South Africa, ministering on cleansing the saints and training the soldiers for war. In addition, many churches and fellowship groups are using the manuals and DVD’s to teach and train their leaders and members on how to live a life of victory in Messiah.

Amanda works into prisons using the J2F and J2W material and DVD’s. We continue to see much growth and blessings through this program!

Amanda also has a heart to restore South Africa’s First Peoples, the Foundation Nation, also known as the Khoi.

International ministry …

Amanda has traveled to Europe, often two to three times per annum, for many years, visiting mainly Germany and Switzerland. Kanaan Ministries has and continues to build good relationships with churches there – we are very excited for the powerful work the FATHER is doing in peoples’ lives! We now have an office in Germany, under the covering of:

Pastors Herbert and Rita Lang
Jesus People Hof
Renate Brix
Ebertstr. 19
D-95195 Röslau

Amanda has also ministered in Portugal, Austria (Maria Prean), Italy, England, Ireland, Taiwan and the United States. Some of our material has been translated into various languages including French, Italian, Hungarian, Arabic, Albanian, Russian, and Finnish, as well as the bulk being translated into German.

The international ministry has been founded on the principle of relationships based on the joining together of like-minded ministries who recognize the calling of spiritual fathering and mothering – and the  release of generational blessings. It has been a wonderful privilege to work together with leaders from all over Europe, building the ministry on the basis of RELATIONSHIPS. We give ABBA FATHER all the Glory for the Godly network He has formed and the precious friendships that have followed based upon the completed work of His Son, Y’shua (Jesus) our Messiah!