Statement Of Faith

In reading our statement of faith, we ask that you prayerfully consider the following:

We want to re-enforce the concept of a SINGLE Body of Messiah. No one of us has truly and completely made the transformation from the man of dust to the Heavenly Man – we are all growing towards this perfection. Consequently, we should all be striving to work together rather than cause further divisions within the Body. The Word is clear … we need both Spirit and Truth – the flow of the Holy Spirit and the Truth of GOD’s Word – to be operating TOGETHER in order to bring LIFE! We understand that there are those on either side of the pendulum as an expression of their personal revelation of GOD’s Word, but we would ask that you continue to make room for the views of others, subjecting every teaching to the Light of GOD’s Word.

We believe …

Finally, we want to apologize for any misrepresentation of the concept of “Hebrew Roots”, which has been presented in such a way so as to cause division within the Body of Messiah. We reiterate that GOD has only ONE BODY and ONE BRIDE. We trust that this principle will always be the over-riding concept when fellow-believers study GOD’s Word.