Update On Prison Ministry

Update On Prison Ministry – Liza Anthony

December 2009

We would like to share with you three special testimonies of prisoners who have been working through our “Soul Care School” under the leading of Liza Anthony.  All three of these prisoners are due for release early February 2010 … the LORD has done a miraculous work in their lives!

1. Winston Jantjie has been in prison for six years, eight months.  Being born outside of marriage, without a real father-figure and loving family, Winston always felt like he didn’t belong and he wasn’t loved.  Feeling like an orphan, Winston grew up trying to suppress his pain – seeking solace in drugs, alcohol, and running the streets.  This led him into crime, and landed him in prison.  But the LORD had his number!  In prison, he began working through “Soul Care”, and slowing the hurts and pain began to heal.  Today, Winston praises the LORD that he is free of his pain, he knows he is loved by His Father, and he can declare that he belongs to the King of the Universe!  Winston is due for release sooner than expected [this early release was is a fulfillment of a prophecy over his life], and will be moving back home with his family and two children.  He has a mechanical working background, and is hoping to start work in construction and building.

2.  Simpwei Mnani has been in prison for five years, six months.  Like most prisoners, although he grew up with both parents, he never really had relationships with them, and always felt unloved and “out”.  He too ran the streets looking for some kind of meaning.  After being arrested and sent to prison, Simpwei began the “Soul Care” program with Liza.  In the course, he began to recognize the pain and hurt of his childhood … and the deliverance he so desperately needed.  And the LORD answered his plea!  He is a new man, set free from the bondage of his old life, now walking in the wholeness provided by the LORD through His Son.  Simpwei is due for release and is moving back with family.  In prison, he was taught how to read and write, as well as some computer skills.  After being released, Simpwei is wanting to help others to learn to read and write, perhaps becoming a teacher.

3.  Dirk Mentoor was in prison for over six years.  He too has a similar testimony to his fellow inmates.  After being in prison for some time, Dirk finally agreed to start working through the “Soul Care School”.  What a work the LORD has done in his life!  Through “Soul Care”, Dirk was able to address his hurts, pain, and bondage, and begin to walk the road of healing.  It was a rough road full of pain, but with the team’s help and the LORD’s Grace, Dirk is healed and walking in freedom.  Dirk was released this December, but had no family to go to and begin his new life.  However, Chanukah [the feast of lights] is the season of miracles, and Dirk got his!  One of the prison warden’s father arranged for Dirk to come work on his farm in Calvinia.  Dirk is now there, working and staying on the farm, and couldn’t be happier!

All three men are so grateful for the “Soul Care School”, and for the leadership of Liza and the team.  This program has helped them to recognize and deal with the wounds and hurts of their past and childhood.  They have come to realize, that although physical wounds are able to heal – sometimes on their own – spiritual wounds are much harder to diagnose and heal.  But, with the Grace and Strength of the LORD, and the road walked along with the team, spiritual healing and wholeness is possible.

As their release is coming up – we as part of our prison ministry – are wanting to bless these three men with some things to start their new life, to help them get back on their feet.  Really, they are just needing simple things, such as clothes [all three wear medium size, and 34 trousers] and shoes [Winston and Simpwei wear a size 7, and Dirk a size 6], as well as some food for the few weeks they are going to be settling back home.  If you would like to bless them, or help in any way, please contact Liza Anthony at the details below.

Liza Anthony

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