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Addiction Conference 2-DVD Set


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Addiction Conference
Two-DVD Set

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NOTE! This DVD series is only an abbreviated/condensed teaching, with a specific focus on drug addiction — for the full teaching, please see our J2F8 materials.

In this DVD series, Amanda deals with the questions of:”Why am I stuck in a cycle of addiction?””How did I get here?””Why, even though I know what I’m doing is destructive, can I not break free?!””How do I receive healing?!”In order to walk the road of recovery, and to break the cycle of addiction (whatever form) — the ROOT issues of WHY we turn to drugs and addictive behaviours has to be addressed — this is the ONLY WAY! If only the FRUIT (the drugs, the smoking, the drinking) is addressed … the cycle eventually continues, or I substitute my addiction for something else (food is a good example). This DVD series discusses the ROOT issues in dealing with addictions, as well as how to walk in healing and recovery.

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67 reviews for Addiction Conference 2-DVD Set

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