Hegelian Dialect
What is Neshamah
Core Shields
New Birth Identity
The Hitler Project
Health Mastery through MRT
Energy Centers
Human Emotion
Emotions and Health
Science of the Heart
Framing your Reality
The Heart Wall
Craniosacral Concept
Photo Light Particles
Quantum Notes and Entanglement
The Alpha & Omega Chakras
Michael Domain
Babylon: Marduk & Tiamat
Freedom from Constellations
NASA, Holograms & Mermaids
Silver Cord
Saboteurs & Cording, Weapons and Entities
Energy, Gold & Chaos theory
Starting the journey out of DID/SRA
The Nachash and his seed
Interviewing deprogrammers
Energy Technologies and Weapons
Sexual shames and healing
Notes for helping SRA survivors in the beginning
Spinning, whirling, cults and the Bible
Forgiveness & forgiving others