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DID/SRA Prayer Book 2


Prayers of renunciation specific for those dealing with DID/SRA.

DID in the Bible,

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Prayers included in Book 2 cover:

DID in the Bible,
Neshamah and DID/SRA,
Generational sins and renunciations,
What is Core?
Dealing with emotions, such as anger, fear, and shame,
Body memories,
Vows, oaths, double-binds, blessings and curses,
Spirit/soul ties,
Renouncing false suffering, sacrifice, and discipline,
Cleansing bitter-root judgments and expectations,
Duplicity programming,
Programming linked to stories, movies, cartoons,
Dealing with eating disorder spirits,
Celtic-druidic belief system and renunciations,
Freemasonry and secret societies,
Trauma bonding,
Nephilim renunciations,
Understanding dead-human spirits.

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