DID-SRA Prayers of Renunciation Book 2 (PDF Download)


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Table of Contents
Is DID found in the Scripture? 12
A brief overview 12
What is Neshamah? 18
“Ne’sh’mah” in COUNSELING 19
NEW-Birth identity 23
Section 1: Background Teaching & Understanding 32
Generational sins and weaknesses worksheets 34
Family Tree Information File 35
Attributes needed to gain freedom from SRA/DID 41
Renunciation and Affirmations 43
Note to DID-SRA survivors 44
Renunciation and Affirmation Statement 45
Possessing the Land 49
Journal Questions for Possessing the Land 54
Connecting in the Body of Messiah 55
Journal Questions for Connecting in the Body of Christ 58
What does healing look like? 59
The Process of Healing 62
Conflict 64
Who or What is CORE? 65
Internal Conflict Resolution 68
Three Foundational Guidelines to Reduce the Conflict 68
Exposing Hidden Belief Systems 72
Internal Conflict Resolution Sheet 78
Denial 79
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Section 2: Emotional Issues 81
Learning to Experience Joy 81
What is Anger? 83
Distortions of Anger and What Anger Isn’t 84
Anger Exercise 84
Effective Techniques for Coping with Anger 86
Facing fears of connecting with Self 87
Shame 90
Sources of Shame 90
Characteristics of Adults Shamed in Childhood 91
Personality Characteristics of Shame-Based Adults in Relationships 92
Shame Resolution 93
Journey Out of Shame 94
Praying off Trauma, Pain and Shame 95
Section 3: The Body 96
Trancing and Dissociation 97
Learning to stay Associated 99
Association and Control of Arousal 101
The effects of Trancing on Boundaries 103
Boundary Messages 105
Signs of Unhealthy Boundaries 107
Boundary Information 108
Movement 110
Vows, Oath, Double-binds, Blessings and Curses 111
Denial-programming Vows 119
Section 4: Prayers 125
Satan’s theology of Suffering 131
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Prayer renouncing false suffering, sacrifice and discipline 132
Secrecy Renunciations and Affirmations 135
Forgiveness 136
Prayer: Cleansing from bitter-root judgement and bitter-root expectancies 141
Prayers to break hard-heartedness 143
Agreements made before the beginning of Time 145
Agreements to break regarding jobs and assignments 151
Renunciations: anti-Christ spirit, mother of darkness and the control of the anti-
Christ 157
Firstfruit renunciations and appeal, baby sacrifice 162
First Claim DECLARATION 164
Duplicity Programming: The Devil’s Deception 165
Duplicity Programming Renunciations 173
Programming linked to Stories, Movies, etc 176
How script programming is done 177
Wizard of Oz 178
Wonderland renunciations 183
Terror Programming 186
Container Prayer 195
Prayers to Break the Power of Satanic Rituals 195
Prayers to Break the Power of the Destruction Ritual 197
Declare the Supremacy of YHVH (GOD of Israel) 199
Dealing with Eating Disorder Spirits 201
Part 1: GENERAL (not cult related) 201
Attachment Bonds 201
Anorexia and Bulimia 201
Gluttony 203
Part 2: Cult Related 205
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Body Programming Renunciations 210
Celtic Druidic belief system and Renunciations 222
Prayer 222
Further Celtic Renunciations 225
Celtic Renunciations and Biographical Information 226
Additional/Extended Renunciations 235
Freemasonry and Secret Societies 238
All other Degrees, Secret Lodges, and Societies 238
Prayer of Release for Eastern Star 244
Trauma Bonding 247
Signs of Unresolved Trauma 251
Nephilim Renunciations 253
Prayer of Renunciation: Nephilim/Fallen Angels 255
Leviathan and the Spirit of Pride / Lucifer 258
The Spirit of Leviathan 260
Leviathan’s Seven Heads 267
How the Spirit of Leviathan Attacks 268
Leviathan and other Water Spirits 273
Dark forces of the Aquatic World 276
Leviathan 278
Renunciation of PRIDE 279
Prayer for the release from the Spirit of PRIDE 281
The Seven Heads of LEVIATHAN 283
PRAYER of Deliverance against the Heads of Leviathan 286
Twins in the Womb: Chimera Twins 290
Vanishing Twins, and Spirit and Soul Mates 290
Understanding dead-human Spirits 294
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Witchcraft: Dead-human Spirits 300
A word of ENCOURAGEMENT! 312
Resource Directory 319
Additional Kanaan Resources 320
Priestly Blessing 321


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