DID-SRA Research-Articles & Prayers Book 4 (June 2020) (PDF Download)






Table of Contents
PART 3: Research Articles 4
A Righteous Chronometer 5
Prayer: Righteous Chronometer 6
A Righteous Cornerstone 11
Prayer: Righteous Cornerstone 12
A Righteous Gyroscope 15
Prayer: Righteous Gyroscope 16
Eastern (Russia) vs. West Programming 19
Tantric Sex (or sex magic) 24
Conversations with a Survivor / Overcomer 24
A Conversation about Female Nephilim and Spirit Babies 29
The Unpardonable Sin 33
Loving your Body 39
Prayer: Loving your Body 41
Snake in Anus & Vagina 44
Prayer: snake in anus & vagina 44
Crone and other Alters 50
PART 4: Prayers 61
Prayers dealing with Kabbalah Tree 62
Prayer of release from Freemasonry: Ancestral 63
The Primitive Rite: The Symbolic Lodge: Fellow of the Craft 69
The Primitive Rite: The Symbolic Lodge, Master Mason Degree 70
Prayer of release from the Spirit of Rape and Spirit of Baphomet 75
Prayer: Safety and Protection for Individual 78
Prayer: Safety & Recommitment of all Identities 79
Interceding: Guidelines 80


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