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CD pouch: Healing our Wounded Hearts


41 CD pouch

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“Healing Our Wounded Hearts” was the series Kanaan Ministries presented before J2F and J2W.
The series consisted of seven main modules, dealing with:

1. Man’s purpose and the seven redemptive gifts.
2. The role of the father and generational blessings.
3. The role of the mother and blessings/curses on motherhood.
4. Healing from illegitimacy.
5. Healing from shame.
6. Family dynamics (covering rejection, rebellion, pride, bitterness, sexuality, grief, bitterness, grief, judgments, forgiveness).
7. Walking in victory (covering emotions and the body, the functions of the mind/heart, strongholds of the mind, brain development and un-Godly beliefs, understanding dissociation).

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