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J2W Book 3: Emotional Pain And Restoring Relationships (3/4)


Book 3 (of four) of the Journey2Wholeness Series

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Journey2Wholeness is our follow-on series, after working through Journey2Freedom. J2W deals with the very important “other side of the coin” to deliverance and breaking generational curses — inner/emotional healing and maturity. Both dealing with deliverance and inner healing are so essential in themselves … but you cannot have the one without the other!While J2F focused on cleaning you up, closing illegal gateways, and breaking bondages — J2W focuses on emotional pain, inner wounds, arrested development, and restoration. Like J2F, this series is quite intensive — J2W is really the practical “how to” series in walking in complete healing and victory. There are no lasting band-aids or plasters (B.E.E.P.S.) to inner wounds and pain, only the everlasting Cure of Y’shua (Jesus) Messiah and His Ways.Walking continuously in victory IS POSSIBLE in and by HIM!

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