Quantum & Frequencies in Biblical Counseling Book 2 (May 2023) (PDF Download)


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Table of Contents
GOD, the Creator of ALL Things 7
All things are created by GOD 11
Biblical Principles 17
Spiritual Strongholds – Jericho Walls 20
PART A: Understanding Muscle Testing 25
What is Muscle Testing in simple terms 26
The Art of Self Muscle Testing 27
Muscle Response Testing: occult or not? 30
Standards for judging which the fearful use and which are NOT taught in Scripture 41
The fearful pull back 42
Is MT (applied Kinesiology) a New Age method? 44
Muscle Testing 47
The Dangers of Muscle Testing 59
PART B: Understanding Emotion Code 63
Disclaimer 64
Different types of Trauma Frequencies that can be found in the body 70
Seeking Heart Energy 78
Shared Emotional Compound 83
Seeking Heart Energy 84
Body Code Definitions 85
Additional Information 88
Four Things you should know to Use the Emotion Code correctly 94
8 Questions to help determine if you have a Heart-Wall 96
Definitions of all Trapped Emotions 99
Spirit Body Disconnect 104
Spirit / Physical Disconnect 104
Spirit Break 105
PART C: Charts 106
Despair Anchor / Posthypnotic Suggestion 107
Emotion Code Charts 109
The Emotion Code® Chart 112
SIT’s (Satanic Intelligence Technology) 113
Hidden technology 116
Colours Chart 118
Curses 129


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